Slaughtered Kingdom

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There’s a lonely stretch of road carved into the backcountry of Diamond County, in upstate New York. Locals call it the “Ghost Belt”...a place where truckers, travelers, and tourists have a habit of winding up on the back of milk cartons.

    Throughout the years, there have been attempts to bring some life to the area - summer camps, planned communities, a lakeside shopping district - but nothing takes root for long. There always seems to be a reason for people to leave. Sometimes in a body bag. Sometimes, in piles of them. 

    There are stories, of course. 

    Children tell them on the playground at recess, teenagers make their dares deep in the bike trails, and parents roll their eyes at the dinner table, hearing about it all for the hundredth time. 

    But there’s one story no one likes to tell. A story that makes children stop giggling. That makes teenagers peddle home, red-faced. That makes parents reach for their belt. 

    The story of The Kingdom.

    A local access TV station, broadcasting from somewhere out in the wilderness near Diamond Lake. Some say (if you can get them to talk at all) that it was part of a private commune, the backwoods Holy Land for a select, and secret few. Others insist that it was a gaudy religious tourist trap, complete with commercials, brochures, and t-shirts from the gift shop, the worst kept “secret” in the tri-county area.

    Whatever the case, one thing is agreed upon - at the height of its popularity, Kingdom Come Broadcasting hosted a final sermon. And in that sermon, its pastor…who no one can ever seem to quite remember…called his followers home. 

    Dozens, if not hundreds of devout locals disappeared into the Diamond County barrens, never to be seen or heard from again. Those few who made it back were unable, or unwilling to tell the world what happened. Kingdom Come Broadcasting went off the air. The Kingdom itself disappeared with its congregation, as if it had never existed.

    With no other options at their disposal, the community moved on. 

    But the Ghost Belt has a long memory. 

    Whatever was in those woods, whatever called out to those people…is still calling. Its work is not done. Every crash, every tragedy, every missing person is but another crimson strand in a spiderweb stretching across the countryside, and across time itself, horror connecting to horror until it finally gets what it wants.

    And tonight, it just may have.

    In a flash of twisted metal and broken bodies, Diamond Lake’s most infamous prodigal son has been returned to his childhood playground, with a head full of bleeding memories…and a brand new body to match. Who has brought him here? What is the purpose of his endless torment? And just what has he become?

    Only one thing is certain…all roads lead to The Kingdom.

An unyielding avalanche of splatterpunk fury, Slaughtered Kingdom brings you back to the days of vicious pop culture icons like Splatterhouse, Devilman, TMNT and Heavy Metal, and brings you a new hero who redefines violence. 

    Speaking the language of big box VHS horror, bloodsoaked OVA anime, and 16-bit nightmares, Slaughtered Kingdom knows what you’ve been missing, knows what you need…and seeks to fill your gullet, fist over fist. Welcome home, children. It’s been much too long.