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Elisabeth Bathory, the bloody Countess of the Carpathians who, with Dracula, marked the dark hours of Europe, is a real character in Hungarian history, who throughout the centuries, aroused all fantasies. Since the 17th century, Countess Elisabeth Bathory lived beyond morality. A vampire, she survived death to gather the fruits of life and enjoy the night. Our Lady of the Tombs only knows orgies and blood. Thief of sperm, devourer of flesh, this eternal woman is now tracking down a mysterious cursed coffin. But vampire hunters are also looking for it...  

This 192 page volume features all 21 episodes of extreme sex, fantasy and folklore. An erotic-vampiric adventure based on European legends which, served by the author's immediately recognizable style, draws at will from female archetypes and their darkest and most sensual aspects.

Initially published in Spain, this erotic gore fest was first translated into english by the american publisher Eros Comix, who edited the story into a condensed series of 7 issues in 2002-2003. 

We present you now with a new, unedited, uncut translation along with some updated artwork, supervised by Raulo Cáceres himself!