Conquests of The First Colony

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A prequel/origin story from the Zombie Commandos From Hell! series, this story stands on its own or makes a great companion to the series, along with the other prequel/origin comic: Rise of The Blood Queen.

By 2134AD, the world has gone to hell. dwindling resources, war, disease and famine have reduced human population down to a few million worldwide. Survivors in North America are scattered between roaming biker gangs, doomsday cults, isolated bunker cities, struggling farming settlements and warmongering militias.

The First Colony is the most brutal and power hungry of these militias. Thanks to its technological advantages, it expands its territory and production through its growing slave labour force. On the eve of the events from Zombie Commandos From Hell!, it makes its greatest breakthrough: the formidable Assault Borgs. Through drugs and cybernetics, its champions are born!


Based on a story by Steph Dumais

Illustrated by Mike Bauman

56 pages