Bloody Gore Comix

  • Violent Skate Bulldogs

    Corporate dictatorship and police brutality in a future dystopia? These skateboarding bulldogs are fighting back!

  • The Bloody Gore Comix Anthology

    The sickest horror anthology around! Over 130 pages of immoral art and shameless violent humour!

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  • Rise of the The Blood Queen!

    The prequel to Zombie Commandos From Hell! Revealing the origin of the psychopathic Blood Queen!

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  • Will Broad’s Carnigor!

    Gothic adventuress Deanna Carter, steeped in the arcane lore of hidden histories and occult sciences, has discovered a passageway into this eldritch world. She alone can uncover the truth of its hideous nature and confront the unspeakable horror of the impending apocalypse.

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  • Halloween Monsters

    Happy Halloween demons and women of the night, who are out for a bloody bite!

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Papa Zuzu

It’s here! Bloody Gore Comix’ first full colour book!


Coming this Halloween : Spore Whores!

Created by aussies Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr in the early nineties, Spore Whores is best described as The Thing meets porno! Bloody Gore Comix are proud to reprint the original Eros series for a whole new audience! Did you know this was actually banned in Australia?


Babyslitters are here!

The psychopathic art of Gorepump, brought to you in comic book form with a bonus gallery of sickening portraits of horror! Get yours now!


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The ZCFH Soundtrack Compilation!

Bloody Gore Comix started as the home of the Zombie Commandos From Hell! splatter series by Steph Dumais. It now includes a growing catalog of underground horror titles by Adam Geyer, Will Broad, Łukasz Kowalczuk, Shredsquid and more! BGC specializes in the trashier kind of horror with heaps of gore, naked chicks and a plenty of laughs!
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