Bloody Gore Comix

  • Violent Skate Bulldogs

    Corporate dictatorship and police brutality in a future dystopia? These skateboarding bulldogs are fighting back!

  • The Bloody Gore Comix Anthology

    The sickest horror anthology around! Over 130 pages of immoral art and shameless violent humour!

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  • Rise of the The Blood Queen!

    The prequel to Zombie Commandos From Hell! Revealing the origin of the psychopathic Blood Queen!

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  • Will Broad’s Carnigor!

    Gothic adventuress Deanna Carter, steeped in the arcane lore of hidden histories and occult sciences, has discovered a passageway into this eldritch world. She alone can uncover the truth of its hideous nature and confront the unspeakable horror of the impending apocalypse.

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  • Halloween Monsters

    Happy Halloween demons and women of the night, who are out for a bloody bite!

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Babyslitters are here!

The psychopathic art of Gorepump, brought to you in comic book form with a bonus gallery of sickening portraits of horror! Get yours now!


It’s here to melt your face!

Jack Mulkern’s Goat Fucker Comix is here! Bloody Gore Comix collects the first 4 issues in a square bound comic book format. Get yours!


Babyslitters by Gorepump, coming soon!

Here’s a peak at the perverse comics of Gorepump, who has already contributed a violent story, Wifey, to the Bloody Gore Comix Anthology.

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