Zombie Commandos From Hell! Extermination

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The year is 2143 A.D. and Gaia has finally had enough of the defiling human race. She has struck a deal with the Devil to exterminate them from the face of the Earth; allowing his legions of demons to possess the corpses of the deceased and raise them as zombies with full access to all of their memories and experience.

In this cooperative combat card game based on the comic series, players take command of the demonic zombie hordes of Hell. They collaboratively confer together, then take turns attacking the faction cards in play, intent on eliminating humankind's last remaining strongholds. Meanwhile, the factions offer an ongoing resistance as they strive to establish their game ending survival conditions. Combat is quick, based on stats comparison, yet remains diverse from the wide range of abilities. Game flow is fast paced, yet decisions still have depth, including some deck building undertones. Pick up the game and gather your friends. Do you have what it takes to achieve Gaia's ambition?

Game Details

Number of players: 1-4

Recommended age: 13+

Play duration: 30 - 60 min

Mode: solo or co-op

Complexity: medium light (casual play)

92 Creature Cards

50 Faction Cards

8 Indicator Cards

8 Bonus Cards

2 full colour guides

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