Rise of The Blood Queen

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In a post-apocalyptic world devasted by war and pollution, run over by militias, cannibal bikers, cyborgs and mutants, survivors find refuge in the mysterious city-state of Holy City. Within its impressive walls rules a mighty christian fundamentalist cult that protects... and exploits. That is, until one of its victims rises to power through elaborate schemes and treachery to finaly unleash a mighty avenging angel!

Witness blood and gore galore in this prequel to the Zombie Commandos From Hell! comic book series, where more of the Blood Queen's nefarious plans unfold upon a world already gone to hell. In the tradition of the original TMNT comics of the 80s, different artists contribute pages to the story, bringing a variety of styles to Dumais's Rise of The Blood Queen story from Bloody Gore Comix!


Created and written by Steph Dumais. Illustrated by Walter Sablotny III, Mike Bauman, Steph Dumais, Adam Geyer, Mark K Allen and Croc Dave. Cover by Juan Jose Ryp, coloured by Steph Dumais.

42 pages

Plus a pinup gallery.