The Old Shits XMAS Special

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Welcome to Southland Senior Care Center. Where every single day something epic happens. Meet every kind from the sweet and nice to the grouchy and deranged. They're all here waiting for you to join them. In this Xmas Special there is "A Killer Amongst Us!" The women don't have time to scream when Santa comes. The Inspector and Deputy are locked and loaded as they bolt into the intensity of each killing. Dr. Quack goofs at the crematorium and menacing zombies overthrow the residence. Our heroes: Doctor Shithead, Firefucker Stan, Pippa the plumber, Miles the drug addict janitor, Oldman Jinx, Sergeant B. Wankings, Officer Dickhead and Mr. Conehead bond together for a solution to the chaotic events spreading and penetrating for the love of bloodshed!


Written and illustrated by Adam Geyer.

Over 60 pages!