Zombie Assault!

As episode seven is almost finished, here is one last look at the interior before this gets published!


New shading style

Working on Zombie Commandos From Hell! #7, trying out a new shading technique…


Tim Vigil does The Blood Queen

Here is Tim Vigil’s (Faust: Love of The Damned) take on The Blood Queen!


Juan Jose Ryp does The Blood Queen!


First Quick Draft of new ZCFH! Character

Meet the Goregnome!

Zomborg in progress


ZCFH#7 update: Wrath of the Zomborg

A look at the new page I’m currently working on. IMG_20140715_131234

ZCFH#7 Update

Here’s a quick progress report on the new book! 5 pages to draw, 30 pages to tone and letter, pinups and ads to include and one colour cover to illustrate! That means about 75% of the work is done. If things keep this smooth, we just might make it for a Halloween release… or dare we say a September release for the Montreal Comiccon?

Nuclear Scene

Currently working on this illustration for a commission. Next step is a character in the foreground but this scene might very well find a place within the pages of an upcoming Zombie Commandos From Hell! episode!

Nuclear Blast!