The Bloody Gore Comix catalog.

The Final Conflict is Here!

Papa Zuzu

It’s here! Bloody Gore Comix’ first full colour book!


Coming this Halloween : Spore Whores!

Created by aussies Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr in the early nineties, Spore Whores is best described as The Thing meets porno! Bloody Gore Comix are proud to reprint the original Eros series for a whole new audience! Did you know this was actually banned in Australia?




Babyslitters are here!

The psychopathic art of Gorepump, brought to you in comic book form with a bonus gallery of sickening portraits of horror! Get yours now!


It’s here to melt your face!

Jack Mulkern’s Goat Fucker Comix is here! Bloody Gore Comix collects the first 4 issues in a square bound comic book format. Get yours!


PAPA ZUZU is here!

Over a decade ago, Adam Geyer hand painted a comic book called PAPA ZUZU written by Robert Brewer. This was to be his first comic to see print, so he thought. The comic book never saw print and nothing was ever heard back from any publishers. No one at the New York Comic Con was interested. The book ended up in storage and they moved on to other projects. Until Bloody Gore Comix came along! This will be BGC’s first colored book, to be released this year! Adam has been giving the interior pages a little more detail. Here’s the intro page when Papa Zuzu comes home to find his Grandmere speared and covered with maggots.


BGC Presents The Old Shits Series!

Bloody Gore Comix’s own Adam Geyer presents The Old Shits, a 3 book series, featuring situations that take place in the Southland Senior Care Center (aka S.S.C.C.) where every single day something epic happens. They’re old, they’re dying and they’re not holding back! A senile clairvoyant warns them all that when The Good, The Bad and The Ugly die. They all will Die!! It contains VERY explicit material and it’s politically incorrect to the MAX! Included are some pinups and extra delinquencies to extend the hilarities of this sarcastic debaucherous comedy. Ready for your sponge bath?? Mature Audience only!


Your new bible of satanic evil is here!

HAIL SATAN! Thy new bible of evil is here! You can now pre-order your copy of the Bloody Gore Comix Anthology for Halloween!


Violent Skate Bulldogs – Coming This Fall From Bloody Gore Comix!

Polish creator ?ukasz Kowalczuk joins the BGC roster with a contribution to the upcoming anthology, but also with an english adaptation of his insane Violent Skate Bulldogs book!



?ukasz is best know for his Vreckless Vrestlers series, already published in Europe. His distinct raw style brings back the 80’s like a fist in the face! For more info about him and his works, check out his blog:!



Presenting Carnigor!

We’re welcoming Heavy Metal Magazine’s Will Broad to Bloody Gore Comix with his blood & boobs book Carnigor! Coming at you this spring!