Coming this February 2015!


ZCFH!#7 Cover in progress


The Beard

You might have noticed that between issues 5 and 6 of Zombie Commandos From Hell! , the biker Sloan suddenly displays a full beard. This could be explained by the time lapse between the release of the two books, but seeing as only a few days actually seperate the events of these two chapters, the likely explanation is a mild mutation that causes his facial hair to grow out intensely during the full moon. WHY NOT?

Zombie Assault!

As episode seven is almost finished, here is one last look at the interior before this gets published!


New shading style

Working on Zombie Commandos From Hell! #7, trying out a new shading technique…


Tim Vigil does The Blood Queen

Here is Tim Vigil’s (Faust: Love of The Damned) take on The Blood Queen!


Juan Jose Ryp does The Blood Queen!


First Quick Draft of new ZCFH! Character

Meet the Goregnome!

Zomborg in progress


ZCFH#7 update: Wrath of the Zomborg

A look at the new page I’m currently working on. IMG_20140715_131234