In 2003, a Zombie Commando From Hell! soundtrack was released by Geska Records. More than a decade later, an official movie style theme is finally released as the comic series reaches it’s seventh installement and the Rise of the Blood Queen prequel. Montreal electronic artist Das Mörtal brings his unique retro futuristic take on the soundtrack to humanity’s final war!

Das Mörtal, the newest addition to the Lisbon Lux Records roster, takes his name from his time spent in Berlin. His sound features a heavy french touch electro style, strongly influenced by 80’s American pop culture. Nostalgia pervades throughout his work and there are frequent nods to both Daft Punk and Depeche Mode. Part DJ, part composer, Das Mörtal is very experienced with the minimal techno of synth pop-anthems, having surrounded himself with them long before the mass success of the Drive soundtrack.